Sunday, March 16, 2008

On Jacob Martin Getting Roasted by Germaine Greer

You may have noticed in Jacob Martin's blog, that he is complaining about how Germaine Greer roasted him in a Q and A session at a Gleebooks event.

Personally I think he got what he deserved. Jake's complaints about not being taken seriously as a schoolboy intellectual sound like a whining... schoolboy I guess, without the intellectual part.

He should have seen it coming. It's Germaine Greer we're talking about here. Of course she doesn't take men, especially troublesome young men, seriously.

Just stop whining, Jake, learn from your better half to grin and bear it.

Here is the original post that I am replying to:

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I'm probably not the first to say it

But Punk Rock gets on my nerves.

Maybe it was to blame for my exit from my good friend Jacob Martin's subconscious, but for some reason I cannot abide The Sex Pistols.

Jake loves them, because he believes they supposedly have a "message" which is a political statement.

I say, never mind the bollocks of their ridiculous studio album that relies on cheap swearing and profanity to shock its audience. Controversial explicit lyrics haven't been cool since Eminem ruined them with his pseudo-rapping which was more like rambling if you ask me.

But something about Johnny Rotten bothers me. Something indeed is rotten about him, and it isn't his teeth (that was how he got his nickname allegedly) but his music.

I've heard more tunefulness in a drunken choir at a football game.

"But Wilhelm," I hear Jake say, "You've never been to a football game, how would you know what a bunch of singing drunks is like?"

Honestly I don't want to know. I'm happy sitting in my library reading War and Peace again for the fifth time.

Greetings to you all... from beyond the wall of sleep...

Hello there.

I am Professor Wilhelm. I used to know a chap named Jacob Martin, whose blog is here:

I am an old fashioned man, I must admit. Blogging is a new knowledge to me, these Facebooks and MySpaces and all sorts of newfangled rubbish confuse me to no end.

But when I discovered the potential amount of discourses I could express on a blog, as opposed to a Facebook account, I was won over by the Blogosphere, as they seem to call it these days.

This is a blog where I will post reviews. Reviews of sacred cows you young people seem to venerate despite the fact that contrary to popular opinion I believe today's music is commercial trash.

But I am not a complete crab-pot. I will post more things as time goes by, and I hope to have some responses to the comments page (or whatever it's bloody called).